The Drone Surge: Hosted by Jefferson Morley



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The Drone Surge
Hosted by Jefferson Morley


Over the last few years, unmanned aerial vehicles—drones—have gone from an experimental technology to a cornerstone of U.S. military strategy. According to Jefferson Morley, this is just the beginning.

Not only is the government planning to significantly expand the use of drones for overseas missions, but domestic police agencies are aggressively pursuing drone technology, as well. Since Morley started investigating drones for Salon earlier this year, he has uncovered startling information about drone policies, “pilots,” and plans for bringing weaponized drones to American skies. Now, Jeff will be hosting an open, online conversation to answer your questions about drones.

Join an interactive online conversation on Tuesday May 15 at noon EDT/9 AM PDT—no additional software or passwords are needed. You can use the calendar function in the right-hand column to send yourself a reminder.

Want to do your homework before the Q&A? Check out Morley’s recent drone coverage:


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Jeff Morley - Jefferson Morley is a Washington-based journalist, author, and blogger with a specialty in American history and national security. He has worked as an editor and reporter at the Washington Post, The New Republic, The Nation, Center for Independent Media, Harper's, and Spin. His next book, "Snow-Storm in August: Race and Unrest in Washington City," will be published in July 2012 by Nan Talese/Doubleday. He has taught at Boston University, Georgetown University, and in Washington, D.C. public schools.

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Start Date: Tue, 2012-May-15
Start Time: 12:00 PM ET
End Time: 12:40 PM ET

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