Occupy Heats Up with Natasha Lennard



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Occupy Heats Up with Natasha Lennard

As winter thaws, the hotspots of the Occupy Movement are seeing the first ripples of resurgence. From New York to Oakland, crowds are returning to the streets, but will the plan for a May 1 General Strike spark an American Spring or will the movement splinter and fade into Tea Party-like irrelevance?

Join Salon’s Occupy correspondent Natasha Lennard for a live, interactive webcast at 9 PM (EDT) on Wednesday April 4 to share your thoughts and questions on the future of the movement.

Event Panelist(s):

Natasha Lennard - Natasha Lennard covers the Occupy movement for Salon. A British-born, Brooklyn-based journalist, she has been covering Occupy Wall Street since before the first sleeping bag was unrolled in Zuccotti Park. One of the first journalists arrested at an Occupy action, she has managed to enrage Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. You can follow her on Twitter (@natashalennard), and email her any Occupy updates/videos/ideas to natasha.lennard@gmail.com

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Start Date: Wed, 2012-Apr-04
Start Time: 9:00 PM ET
End Time: 9:30 PM ET

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