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Power, Speed, and Endurance

Get Faster, Go Longer with Less Training

In this dynamic live chat, see what performance coach Brian Mackenzie has to say about taking your endurance to the next level. Join Brian and WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean as they unveil new time-saving training techniques and low-carb nutritional strategies to optimize your health and performance while decreasing your susceptibility to injury.

In this 60 minute live webinar you'll learn:

  • Why incorporating a strength and conditioning program into your endurance training routine is essential

  • Why a lower carb nutritional approach is a better way to improve performance, body composition and overall health

  • How to train less and perform better with fewer injuries


Event Panelist(s):

Brian Mackenzie
Brian is an expert in strength and conditioning for endurance athletes and the founder of CrossFit Endurance, a training program dedicated to improving sports performance, fitness, and endurance potential. He is a Level 3 CrossFit Certified Trainer and a Level 3 POSE Certified Running Coach who has competed in Ironman Canada as well as several ultra marathons ranging from 50k to 100 miles utilizing high intensity, low volume training as the cornerstone of his programming. His training system is highlighted in his recent book, Power, Speed, Endurance.
Moderated by Jim Kean (WellnessFX CEO)
With a deep-seated dedication to human health potential, performance and nutrition, Jim co-founded Sapient Health Network in 1995. The business later became the consumer-facing platform of WebMD. Jim has leadership experience in the areas of finance, health, and hospitality, filling roles as entrepreneur, executive and venture capitalist.
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